Graduate Student

On May 1st, 2017, I started working towards a Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information assurance through Western Governors University (WGU) which is a highly accredited online university. Below you can read the papers I wrote as part of this program. My expected graduation date is April 2019.

C688 Cyberwarfare

My very first subject on this journey is titled C688 Cyberwarfare and was about progression of cyber incursion, cyber warfare, etc., throughout the history of computing. The assignment in this course was write a paper as if I was the team lead for a cybersecurity expert brought in to evaluate a fictional power company after they got hacked, evaluate their current setup, figured what happened, who hacked them, how they did it, etc., then recommend remediation steps. The instructions were to do this in three parts using a very specific template, write it towards upper management that does not get what all the fuss is about and don't see the need to do any remediation. Here are my papers that have been reviewed by the graders at WGU and giving the virtual thumbs up.

CyberwafareTask1.docx   CyberwafareTask2.docx   CyberwafareTask3.docx

JIT2 Risk management

In this class we learned about business risk management and business continuity planning (BCP). The assignment was to come up with a fictional company, identify 8 potential risks for that company that are realistic for that type of company and write up a BCP that would be a real BCP for our fictional company. We had to follow a specific format, use specific template, address very specific topics, but other than that we had complete freedom in what we came up with as long we addressed all the required points in a realistic manner for our fictional company. Here is my entry which was accepted without any revision requests.

JIT2 Risk Management BCP.docx